GPS/RF Security Tracker For All Types Of Electric Bikes And Scooters

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Included in your subscription:
  • Theft Response team
  • 24/7 SOC Cover
  • Full Dashboard Access
  • Unlimited Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is AllTrac Group?
AllTrac Group, initially known for its lead product, BikeTrac, dates back to 2009, where the team developed and honed its automotive tracking experience within the two-wheel industry, where theft was becoming a huge issue. Working closely with the authorities, BikeTrac changed the face of two-wheel recoveries, thanks to its multi-tier technology that meant a stolen bike could be pinpointed down to less than one-metre, police forces quickly realised that if a reported stolen bike was equipped with BikeTrac, they were virtually sure of a successful recovery outcome. Thanks to this, search warrants became much easier to acquire and so BikeTrac’s recovery rate rocketed, a rate that is still more than 94% today. Thanks to this knowledge gained in the tricky world of scooters and motorcycles, AllTrac expanded into farm machinery with ATVTrac, including the arborist industry, while also offering its AutoTrac automotive product too. The group currently boasts more that £15m worth of recoveries.
How is CycleTrac Installed?
Due to the nature of the device, we do not sell directly. Contact one of our fully trained dealers who will supply and fit a CycleTrac for you. This way you will be assured that the device will be covertly installed, checked and working correctly, before you register it.
What happens in the event of a theft?

You have control of the device. When "armed", if you move the E-Bike for more than 25 seconds without dis-arming it, you will be alerted with a Push Notification and Email, followed by a text and phone call if you have not reacted to the first alert. Trigger a False Alarm by moving the bike yourself? Simply just reset via the APP. If stolen, please call the Police, get a Crime Reference number, share that with our Secure Operating Centre and we do the rest. 

Will it work on my E-Bike?
CycleTrac has been designed to work with Mid-Motor E-Bikes and specifically the following four motors, BOSCH, BROSE, SHIMANO and YAMAHA.
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